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Which Guitar Instruction Video Course Is The Best For You?

Guitar instruction videos can be very helpful for any guitarist who wants to improve their skills, regardless of how advanced s/he already is. There’s a wide choice available too, both as DVDs and online guitar lessons, each covering lots of different musical styles. But how do you decide which to choose? Think about these three things when you’re choosing a guitar learning video:

1. Teacher Qualifications and/or Experience

Guitar lesson DVDs are generally of good quality, but online guitar training videos can be another matter altogether. There’s lots of great stuff online, but since anyone can set up a site and brand themselves as an expert, there’s a lot of not so good material too. So before buying anything, look at the teacher’s qualifications and experience. Not all good teachers have formal qualifications, so that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but the person doing the demonstrations should certainly be a skilled guitarist and have good communication skills too.

This is especially important if you’re looking for beginner guitar lesson videos. At this stage you probably won’t know if someone is demonstrating a poor technique or otherwise leading you astray, so make sure you only take advice from a reputable source.

2. Lesson Content

Another obvious thing to check is that the videos actually cover the type of music and skills you’re interested in learning. It should be appropriate to your ability level, or you’ll find yourself either bored, or out of your depth. video tapeWhile beginner guitar lesson videos are probably the most common type, there are DVDs and sites that cater to more advanced players who are looking to expand their skills, so it’s worth hunting these out.

So make sure the content is a good match to your current needs – don’t be led astray by flashy sales pages or cool sounding demos. When learning guitar – especially in the early stages – it’s important to stay on course until you’ve built a solid foundation of skills, and not get distracted by every possibility that comes along.

3. The Quality Of The Production

A third thing to think about is how good the production quality of the video is. If you’re buying a professionally produced DVD or DVD series this won’t normally be an issue, but some of the online guitar lessons can be a bit ropey. If you’re trying to learn from what you’re seeing on screen, it should be clearly shot from the appropriate angles, with good sound quality, so you can clearly see how you should be holding your hands, and hear what the music should sound like. An easy to navigate structure helps too.

Bear these things in mind, and it’ll be easier to find the perfect guitar tuition video for you, and weed out the rest. Some that I can recommend checking out are Jamorama (a fully downloadable guitar course that’s great for beginners – see my Jamorama review for more info), and Learn and Master Guitar (also excellent for beginners, but this is a series of physical DVDs plus a tutor book). More advanced guitarists looking to explore new techniques and musical styles might also enjoy JamPlay or Guitar Tricks, which are online membership programs with a wide range of videos from different teachers (these sites both offer beginner instruction as well).

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