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Some Things To Consider When Looking For Kids Guitar Lessons Online

If you have a child who wants to learn to play guitar, ideally, it’s best to find a good private guitar teacher for him or her. However, sometimes this isn’t possible, in which case online guitar lessons might be helpful for your child (they can also help to supplement traditional lessons). While there are many options online, not all are child-friendly. Here are some things to consider when choosing beginner guitar lessons for kids:

1. Firstly, your child’s age (and maturity level) will obviously determine the type of lessons you go for. Younger kids are often less self-motivated, so lessons with a private teacher (or at school, if their school offers them) are normally a better option at this age.

2. If you’re going for online lessons, you’ll need to decide whether to choose those which are specifically aimed at children, or if your child would prefer to follow a standard adult course. Older kids often won’t need the more child-centered approach of the specialist kids’ guitar courses, whereas a younger child might respond to these better. Just be aware that the choice of child-focused lessons is more limited.

child with guitar3. Third, the topic of motivation is an important one – think about how much your child really wants to learn guitar. With online lessons, all the onus is on the student to keep up with the plan – there’s no teacher there to prod them along when that initial enthusiasm starts to wane. If your child wants to learn with online lessons, you might need to step in occasionally, and encourage him/her to keep going when things start to get a bit tough.

4. Lastly, when making your choice, quality is very important. This is especially true of online courses, where the quality can be somewhat variable. The lessons should cover the complete range of fundamental skills your child will need to play the guitar, and be professionally presented and put together. A reputable course will come with a money back guarantee, as well as contact details so you can get help if necessary.

If you’re looking for a child-focused course, you might like the ‘Home School Guitar Lessons’ from the widely-acclaimed Learn & Master series – this is a DVD/book set, so isn’t strictly speaking an online course, but it’s available to order online, and is a great quality video lesson plan which is designed for kids. You also get access to a supportive online community where you can connect with others whose children are using the course.

Older kids and teenagers might prefer the regular Learn and Master Guitar DVD series (aimed at adults), and for an online-only course, I recommend checking out Jamorama (which is downloadable, rather than in physical format).

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