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Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome

I love this metronome, which is a must for cat lovers! It is part of Wittner’s famous Taktell series of metronomes, and offers the usual Wittner quality in extra-cute packaging. This is one of a range of animal metronomes that also includes an owl and a penguin.


Wittner is a German company that was founded in 1895 by Gustav Wittner. The firm is renowned throughout the world for its high quality metronomes. As well as a large range of mechanical metronomes, Wittner also produces electronic metronomes and various other musical accessories. The official site is at http://www.wittner-gmbh.de/


Weight: 7oz / 200g

Dimensions: Height – 8in / 21cm

Colour: Grey and black

Model No: 839 021


This metronome currently retails for roughly $85 / £70, depending on where you buy it.


  • Tempo range is 40 – 200 BPM
  • Mechanical metronome featuring Wittner’s precisely-engineered clockwork mechanism (the same as that of the company’s regular metronomes)
  • Bowtie-shaped weight on the pendulum, which is easy to adjust for different tempos
  • Swinging pendulum for visual reference
  • Clear tempo markings, with both numbers and the general range specified
  • Sturdy and cute grey and black tabby cat design – great for kids and animal lovers
  • Easy to hear click noise

Feedback / Pros and Cons

This metronome has great reviews, with buyers praising its high quality build and mechanism. Although it is made from plastic, it’s a heavy-duty piece, and very sturdy – not cheap-looking or -feeling. Animal-shaped metronomes are especially popular with children, and can help keep them motivated to practice.

Like other mechanical metronomes, this one naturally doesn’t have the same feature range you’d find on an electronic metronome. So if you want things like volume control, a choice of click tones, or the ability to select the tempo to the nearest beat, this isn’t the type of metronome you need. You’ll also have to stop to wind it up every now and then. Unlike some other Wittner mechanical metronomes, this one doesn’t have a bell (used to mark the beginning of the bar), so that might be a limitation for some people, especially beginner musicians. But what it does, it does well, and if you like cats, it’ll look great on the shelf and make your music practice sessions that bit more fun.

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Where To Buy The Taktell Cat Metronome

This metronome may be found in some music stores, but as it’s more of a speciality item, you’ll probably get the best prices and availability online. Check the links at the top of this post, or find it on Amazon.comor eBay (below):

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