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Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome

The DB-60 is part of Boss’ popular range of metronomes, and offers a rich feature set.


Boss is a Japanese company that was founded by Roland in 1973 to manufacture guitar effects pedals. In more recent years it has branched out into other areas, including the manufacture of metronomes. Visit the official Boss website at http://www.bosscorp.co.jp/

DB-60 Specifications

Weight: 200g / 6oz

Dimensions (W x D x H): 12.9 x 8.4 x 2.2 cm / 5 1/8 x 3 5/16 x 0 7/8 inches

Colour: Black

Power: 2x AA batteries


The DB-60 metronome costs approximately £55 / $85, although this will vary between different retailers.


  • Wide tempo range of 30 – 250 BPM
  • A large array of metronome settings, including complex rhythms: 1-9, 2+3, 3+2, 3+4, 4+3, 4+5, 5+4, 5+6, 6+5, 6+7, 7+6, 7+8, 8+7, 8+9, 9+8
  • Easy to read backlit display with swinging needle marker
  • Twin LED lights for flashing visual reference
  • Rhythm patterns to match various musical styles: 8 Beat (x3), 16 Beat (x2), Shuffle (x2), Reggae, Dance (x2), Clave (x2), Bossa Nova, Rumba, Waltz, Country, Tango, Mambo, March, Funk
  • Note-Mixing feature enables you to create your own rhythm patterns easily
  • Loop Play feature for repeating the rhythm patterns a specified number of times. You can also play different patterns and tempos in sequence
  • Tap Tempo feature lets you punch in the tempo you want, so you can make tempo changes quickly, or set up a tempo even if you don’t know its BPM value
  • Memory feature allows you to store your settings for future use (eight presets are available)
  • Timer and stopwatch functions make this a good metronome for use in sports training and other situations, as well as for timing your music practice sessions
  • Volume control with four settings
  • Can be used with headphones/ear buds
  • Has an inbuilt stand so you can use it in an upright position
  • Chromatic reference tones (C4 – B4) can be used to help with tuning
  • The pitch of A4 can be set from 438Hz – 445Hz in 1Hz increments
  • Comes with a soft case for protection

More Information

You can download the Boss DB60 user’s manual here.

This YouTube video provides an overview of the DB-60 as well as of the other metronomes in this series.

Feedback / Pros and Cons

This is a feature-rich metronome, and has received many good reviews online. Many like the backlight feature, which enables the unit to be used in dark rooms> This can be set to either turn off automatically, or to remain lit. The metronome is small and light enough to be easily carried in a bag or instrument case, so is good for taking to practice sessions. The maximum volume is relatively loud for a metronome of this size, although if you want it really loud (such as in a live situation), it’ll probably need to be plugged into an amp. The rhythmic patterns feature has also been praised, since a beat style that matches that of the music you’re playing makes practising more enjoyable and effective. The flexibility of programming and storing your own patterns is another popular feature.

Criticisms include the tempo change button – you need to press the button repeatedly to raise or lower the tempo, rather than just holding it down. This can be time-consuming when making large changes, though using the tap tempo feature provides a shortcut here. The DB60 also has a beep tone, which can be irritating to some.

Overall this is a popular choice among those who want a feature-rich metronome in a small package, and if portability is important to you, it’s a good alternative (or supplement) to the larger DB-90.

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Where To Buy The DB-60 Metronome

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