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Guitar Forum List – Part 1: General Guitar Forums

This page lists guitar forums. These are split into two sections – general guitar forums and more specialist forums. The specialist forums include those dedicated to particular guitar brands, guitar types (e.g. acoustic guitar) or musical styles. There are also some general music forums which have sections dedicated to the guitar.

This section is a bit of a work in progress – there are loads of forums to list here, but new links will be added as I find them, and as time permits. Entries are listed alphabetically within each section, and inclusion in this list isn’t meant to be an endorsement. Some forums are busier than others, but I haven’t included those that appear to be inactive, unless there’s a large and useful looking archive. All links work right now (November 2010), but the web being what it is, sites may disappear – if you find a dead link (or have a new forum to suggest), please let me know using the contact form.

This page: General Guitar Forums
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General Guitar Forums

Berklee Music
This guitar section is part of the larger forums at the well known Berklee College of Music. There are boards for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and guitar amps and effects, although they’re not currently (Nov. 2010) very active.

Discover Guitar Online
This is the forum for the Discover Guitar Online Site, which offers online lessons and backing tracks. General guitar-related topics are also discussed, although this looks like a quiet forum at present.

GeekChat! (Guitargeek.com)
This is a large forum with lots of guitar discussion boards, covering topics such as amps, effects, music theory, songwriting, recording and guitar repair, as well as general guitar topics. There are also boards for acoustic and bass guitar.

This rather quiet forum covers electric, acoustic and bass guitars, as well as areas for discussing recording, music theory, guitar gear etc.

Guitar Files
This forum covers general guitar discussion, amps, building guitars and more.

Guitar For Beginners and Beyond
A beginner-friendly forum with discussions about guitar technique, music theory, guitar gear, recording and more. There’s also a slide guitar board, as well as lots of articles and online instruction covering various guitar styles.

Guitar Forum SA
This South African forum covers general guitar discussion, as well as gear, effects, live performance, bass guitar, recording and more. There’s also a resources section with info about teachers, luthiers, concerts and other stuff of interest to guitarists.

Guitar Forum.net
Just one board here, but it’s an active community, and covers lots of guitar-related topics.

Guitar Forums.com
A large board with many subforums dedicated to guitar playing in all its aspects, including songwriting and recording.

The emphasis here is on electric guitars and gear, but there are also discussion areas for bass and acoustic guitar, recording, effects, guitar building and the music business.

This is the forum for the popular cyberfret.com site. It isn’t really active anymore, but has lots of posts in the archives, which cover a variety of guitar- and bass-related topics.

Guitar Notes
guitar playersThere are a number of boards here, covering different aspects of guitar playing, such as learning to play, songwriting, music theory, gear, and various guitar/musical styles including jazz, classical, Christian, bass etc.

A small forum for general guitar-related discussion.

Discussion of electric, acoustic and bass guitar topics.

Guitartrade.org Forum
A general guitar board covering the usual guitar topics, as well as songwriting, the music business and other subjects of interest.

Guitar Tricks
Lots of topics covered here, including a guitar beginner’s area, gear, theory, technique, recording, reviews, playing in a band and general guitar discussion. There is also a set of private areas for subscribers to the Guitar Tricks online lessons.

Guitar World
Discussion board for Guitar World magazine, with forums for discussing the magazine as well as electric, acoustic and bass guitars, effects, accessories, and various music styles (rock, metal etc).

Guitars 101
A large board covering all the normal guitar topics, plus areas for sharing your own music, backing tracks etc, as well as off-topic forums.

Guitarists.net Forums
A comprehensive board covering lots of guitar-related subjects, such as electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar playing, effects, a beginner’s area, songwriting, recording etc, as well as an off-topic section.

A UK-based forum with lots of areas for discussing different guitar types – electric, acoustic, classical, bass – as well as recording, amps effects etc, and there’s also a separate left-handed guitar forum.

Guitars Canada
This is a Canadian forum with boards for discussing different guitar types, recording, theory, gear, guitar building and other general music topics, plus there are also areas for specifically Canadian topics such as local bands, dealers, events etc.

Harmony Central
The Harmony Central forums are among the most popular music forums online, and there are several boards dedicated to guitar playing. These include areas for discussing electric and acoustic guitars, as well as amps, effects and other subjects.

Here you’ll find boards for various music-related topics, including guitar and bass, as well as subjects such as improvisation, music theory, composition and more.

Jam Session
Guitars, recording, playing live, theory and other topics are all covered on this forum.

MusicPlayer Forums
These are the forums for Guitar Player magazine, EQ magazine, Bass Player magazine and Keyboard magazine, and there are also some general areas covering playing in a band, songwriting and other music-related topics.

Music Radar Guitar Forums
The guitar section of the UK-based Music Radar community. It has separate sections for electric, bass and acoustic guitars, as well as guitar amps, effects, guitar technique and general guitar discussion.

Next Level Guitar
This forum has guitar discussion, music theory, recording, and areas for discussing their own online guitar lessons. There is also a private area for premium members.

Guitar Forums (ollysguitar.com)
These forums cover playing the guitar, amps, effects, theory, songwriting, and other common topics, as well as areas for guitar tabs, song analysis, posting your own music and more.

Sputnik Music & Musician Forums
This is a general music forum with boards dedicated to different music genres – rock, punk etc. – plus areas for discussing guitar and bass (and drums).

The Fret.net
A large forum, which covers acoustic, bass and electric guitars (with dedicated boards for Fender, Gibson and vintage guitars), plus amps and other gear.

The Gear Page
A large and active forum, for discussion of guitar, bass, guitar gear and some other music topics such as recording. There’s also a comprehensive classifieds section for buying and selling guitars and related stuff.

Ultimate Guitar
Large and very popular guitar discussion board covering many guitar-related topics, such as various types of guitar, playing in a band, recording, songwriting, guitar gear and more.

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