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Sabine ZipBeat 6000 Digital Metronome

It’s vital to practice with a metronome to develop excellent rhythm skills. The Sabine ZipBeat 6000 metronome is a popular choice among guitarists and other musicians, thanks to its clear tone and easy to use features.


Sabine Inc.

Sabine Inc. is a respected manufacturer of a wide range of professional audio equipment. The company is based in Florida, and was founded in 1971. Visit the official site at Sabine.com

Sabine ZipBeat 6000 Specifications

Weight: 170g / 6oz (with battery)

Dimensions: 6.4 x 14.8 x 3.2cm / 2.5 x 5.82 x 1.25 inches

Colour: Black

Power: 9V battery (included)


The Zip Beat 6000 metronome currently retails for around $22.

ZipBeat 6000 Features

  • Digital circuitry for perfect accuracy.
  • Adjustable tempo from 40 – 208 beats per minute with easy to use dial control.

  • Loud, clear tone makes it easy to hear.

  • 6 setting tone generator to set your reference pitch (440 – 445 Hz).

  • Volume control, so you can adjust it as needed.

  • Accented downbeat, from 2 – 6 beats per measure.

  • Earphone included – useful to avoid annoying the people around you.

  • Sweep LED for visual cues – choose between two alternating lights, or eight sweeping lights.

  • Has a stand to make it easier to view.


Reviews of the ZipBeat 6000 digital metronome around the web are largely positive, with many commenting on the strong tone and long lasting battery life. The lack of volume control was an issue for some people, however. The digits on the dial are also on the small side, so this might not be the best choice for those with poor eyesight.

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Where To Buy The ZipBeat 6000 Digital Metronome

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