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Guitar Training Directory – Online Guitar Lessons & Resources A-Z

This section aims to provide a comprehensive list of online guitar lesson courses, with some information about each one (and full reviews of those I’ve tried myself). Having most of the available options in one place like this will hopefully help those who want to learn to play the guitar online to save some research time.

two guitarsAs well as general lessons, the list also includes those programs which cover specialised playing techniques and styles, as well as learning aids like ear training courses, jam tracks etc. Please note that I haven’t personally tried all of these internet guitar lessons myself (except for Jamorama, which I do recommend), so their inclusion here isn’t an endorsement. Also, the pricing and other information are correct at the time of writing, but may have changed since.

The list is divided into the following sections:

1. General Guitar Lessons

In this section you’ll find a list of guitar lesson courses that claim to provide a general foundation in playing the guitar, and which are mostly aimed at beginners (or those with some experience who wish to revist the fundamentals).

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2. Guitar Lessons Catering To Specific Musical Styles, Techniques & Guitar Types

This section lists materials that are aimed at those who wish to learn to play or to specialise in a particular musical style or type of guitar, such as country guitar, or acoustic guitar. It also covers lessons that focus on specific technical skills, such as playing licks or scales. These resources may assume you already know the basics of how to play, although some appear to be aimed at beginners.

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3. Guitar Learning Aids

Finally, this page lists other materials that will help you to master the guitar, which don’t fall into the other categories. Examples include metronomes and materials relating to ear training, songwriting and music theory.

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Jamorama Guitar Lessons

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