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Where To Buy An Ocarina? – A-Z List Of Ocarina Sellers

On this page you’ll find a list of sites where you can buy ocarinas of various types. Note that I’m not endorsing these sites, nor is this a comprehensive list (I’ve been ferreting out a lot of smaller ocarina shops and makers, and will add them here when I can), but hopefully it’ll be helpful.

The sites are listed alphabetically, with some of info about each, including the main types of ocarinas they stock, their location, and whether or not international shipping is available.

Don’t forget that you may also be able to find ocarinas in your local music stores and markets, as well as on more general sites like eBay and Amazon.

Cantare Ocarinas
These sweet potato ocarinas are made in Japan, and some are available to order internationally.

Clayzeness Whistleworks
This site sells various ocarinas, including clay pendants, Bear Paw ocarinas, and transverse ocarinas, including Zelda replicas. Ocarina tabs are also available.

Dragon Ocarinas
The US-based Dragon Ocarinas produce 4-hole and 6-hole clay pendant ocarinas. Many feature carved and painted designs. Ordering is by mail.

Focalink pendant ocarina, from Amazon.com

Focalink Pendant Ocarina, available
from Amazon

Focalink is a well known ocarina brand, based in Taiwan. The company produces a wide range of sweet potato and pendant ocarinas in a variety of attractive designs. International ordering is available.

Hind Musical Instruments
Charlie Hind has a reputation for producing top quality wooden ocarinas that sound as good as they look. You can choose from inline and sweet potato designs in a variety of sizes. This is a US-based site, with international shipping available.

Langley Ocarinas
These English pendant ocarinas are produced in the UK by John Langley, and worldwide shipping is available. You can choose from attractive ceramic ocarinas in a variety of sizes, and the durable plastic Polyoc, which is well-suited for children.

Maparam Ocarina & Woodsound Ocarina
Maparam is a Korean company that is well known for producing high quality ocarinas. They make transverse ocarinas in both clay and wood, and international shipping is available.

Mountain Ocarinas
Mountain Ocarinas is a US-based company that produces high quality inline ocarinas. These are currently available in two sizes and four materials (treated hardwood, aluminium, warmstone and polycarbonate). International shipping is available.

Noble Ocarina
Noble Ocarina is a Korean company with a reputation for quality products. They produce sweet potato ocarinas, and ship internationally.

The North Country Workshop
The North Country Workshop produces wooden double ocarinas in various sizes.

Ocarina Workshop
The Ocarina Workshop is a UK site that sells English pendant ocarinas, including the 4- or 6-hole plastic Oc®, and John Langley’s ceramic ocarinas. Instruction books are also available, as is international shipping.

Ogawa Ocarina
This site is based in Japan, and sells a variety of sweet potato ocarinas by Kenji Ogawa. International shipping is available.

Sixth Street Ocarina
Sixth Street Ocarina is based in Missouri, and produces a wide range of transverse clay ocarinas, including Zelda ocarina replicas. International shipping is available.

Songbird Ocarinas
Songbird Ocarinas is a popular US site that supplies great quality ocarinas. As well as making their own, they stock ocarinas from Focalink also. You can choose from pendant and sweet potato ocarinas in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as Songbird’s unique Dragon Tooth ocarina. The site also stocks ocarina music, accessories and cases. International delivery is available.

STL OcarinaSTL ocarina, from Amazon.com

STL Tenor Ocarina, available from Amazon

STL Ocarina is based in St. Louis, MO, and is another well-known ocarina maker with a large range of quality instruments. These include transverse and pendant ocarinas in various sizes, as well as a nice selection of novelty shapes, and the famous ‘Teacarina’in the shape of a cup. Ocarina sheet music, cases and other accessories are also available, and orders are delivered worldwide. STL Ocarinas are also available from Amazon.

Susato (Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments)
The Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments is based in North Carolina, and sells many different types of folk and historical instruments, including those they produce under the Susato name. Their Susato ocarinas are the pendant variety, and are available in plastic or beautifully carved wood. International delivery is available.

The Whistleworks
If you’re looking for animal-shaped ocarinas, The Whistleworks is the site to visit! This US-based site has a large range of very cute clay ocarinas in lots of different animal designs. Both pendant and freestanding ocarinas are available, and may be shipped outside the US.

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