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How To Teach Yourself Piano – Becoming A Self-Taught Pianist

If you want to teach yourself to play the piano, you’re not alone – new people are taking up the piano every day, and many are deciding to go it alone. This article looks at the different ways of teaching yourself to play, and what you need to do get started. It’s on the long side, but I’ve tried to break it up so it’s easy to read.
I suggest reading this article first: Should You Teach Yourself To Play The Piano? – because self-teaching …

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What Is The Ocarina?

Want to learn more about the ocarina? Read on, and we’ll take a look at this fascinating instrument, which is popular worldwide, thanks to its ease of use, portability, low cost and great sound.
Ocarina Guide: Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Ocarina History
3. Ocarina Types
4. How Does The Ocarina Work?
5. Learning To Play The Ocarina
6. Ocarina Music
7. Buying An Ocarina
8. Ocarina Care
9. Ocarina Resources
1. Introduction To The Ocarina
The ocarina is a type of vessel flute, and is available in different forms. It has a very clear, pure tone, …

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Guitar Practice Tips – Establishing A Guitar Practice Routine That Works For You

To be a successful guitarist, you’ll need to establish a guitar practice plan which works for you. All great guitarists practice regularly, and while there is no one best way to practice guitar that works for everybody, there are some common features that effective guitar practice schedules share. Let’s take a look at some things to consider to ensure you’re getting the most from your guitar practice routine.
It should be suited to the stage you’re at
First of all, you should practice things that are most …

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Which Online Guitar Lessons Are Best For You?

In the last article (Why Choose Online Guitar Lessons?), we looked at some of the reasons why learning to play the guitar online is – and isn’t – a great idea. If you’re now interested in online guitar lessons, but aren’t sure where to begin, read on. The choice can seem overwhelming, and since people are looking for different things, there’s no one guitar lessons site that is best for everyone. However, there are some things that you’ll need to consider when choosing online guitar …

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Want To Learn To Play The Guitar? – 7 Beginner Guitar Tips

So you want to learn to play guitar? Good choice! This article discusses some things that you’ll want to consider and be aware of before you begin learning to play.
1. Why Learn The Guitar? – Motivations For Playing
2. Where To Start
3. Types of Guitar
4. Which Guitar Is Best For Learning On?
5. Types Of Guitar Lessons
6. What To Expect – Making Progress
7. Are You Really Committed To Learning Guitar?
1. Why Learn The Guitar? – Motivations For Playing
People decide to learn how to play guitar for many …