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Piano Facts & Trivia – 100+ Facts About The Piano

The piano is not only one of the most popular instruments in the world, but also one of the most interesting (to me anyhow!) Here are some fascinating facts about the piano – there are around 100 to start off with, and lots more will be added over time!

Misc. Piano Facts
Piano History
Piano Types & Variations
Piano Care & Maintenance
Playing The Piano – Technique & Music
Piano Brands & Manufacturers
Structure & Mechanism – How The Piano Works
1. Misc. Piano Facts

The piano is among the most popular instruments in …

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My In-Depth Jamorama Review – Contents

This detailed Jamorama review discusses my recent experience with Jamorama’s online guitar lessons.
As this is such an in-depth review, I’ve broken it up into four main sections to make it easier to read. These are:
1. Jamorama Review
This is my main review, and covers everything I liked and disliked about the Jamorama course. If you’re in a hurry, just read this page.
If you have more time, and want to learn as much about Jamorama as possible before deciding whether to buy, you might also …