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Should You Learn To Read Music To Play The Guitar?

Can you play the guitar without reading music? Of course! You can become a brilliant virtuoso without reading a note, and there are many fantastic guitarists who have done just that. But that doesn’t mean that learning to read is a bad idea. One thing that I find a bit odd is the way that many guitarists seem almost proud of the fact that they can’t read music – as if they associate it with classical music (which they presumably see as a bad thing), …

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Can You Hear Like A Teenager?

Musicians should have pretty good ears, but many sustain hearing damage from being exposed to loud music. And most people also lose some of their ability to detect sound in the high frequency range as they get older. I’ve always been averse to very loud music, but am definitely not a ‘young person’ anymore, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I apparently still have the hearing acuity of a teenager.
Find out if you have too by trying the Teenager Audio Test (also …