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Review of Learn and Master Piano

This is my detailed review of Learn and Master Piano, a self-teaching piano course from Legacy Learning Systems. I purchased this course recently, and am in the process of working my way through it. I’ll keep updating this review as I progress.
1. My Background
2. What Is Learn & Master Piano?
3. How The Course Works
4. My Impressions So Far
5. Summary – What I Liked and Disliked
6. Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

1. My Background
First, a bit about my background, since this will colour my perspective on …

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Learning To Play Piano Online

People learn piano for various reasons. While some want to become professional pianists, or reach a virtuoso standard, others just want to learn for fun. Reaching a very high standard will generally mean years of intense study with a teacher (or several teachers, in many cases), but if you just want to have fun with the piano, teaching yourself piano with online lessons can be a good alternative.
There’s a wide choice of piano learning material online. You can find lessons that are free, whereas …

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How To Teach Yourself Piano – Becoming A Self-Taught Pianist

If you want to teach yourself to play the piano, you’re not alone – new people are taking up the piano every day, and many are deciding to go it alone. This article looks at the different ways of teaching yourself to play, and what you need to do get started. It’s on the long side, but I’ve tried to break it up so it’s easy to read.
I suggest reading this article first: Should You Teach Yourself To Play The Piano? – because self-teaching …

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Should You Teach Yourself To Play Piano?

So, you want to learn to play piano, and have decided to teach yourself to play? You’ll be joining many other people who have made the same choice, many of whom will go on to have a great time and develop good piano skills. However, some will give up, or fail to make the progress they desire.
So, before embarking on your piano playing journey, be aware that self-teaching isn’t always the best way to go. People have more often learned to play by taking …

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Piano Facts & Trivia – 100+ Facts About The Piano

The piano is not only one of the most popular instruments in the world, but also one of the most interesting (to me anyhow!) Here are some fascinating facts about the piano – there are around 100 to start off with, and lots more will be added over time!

Misc. Piano Facts
Piano History
Piano Types & Variations
Piano Care & Maintenance
Playing The Piano – Technique & Music
Piano Brands & Manufacturers
Structure & Mechanism – How The Piano Works
1. Misc. Piano Facts

The piano is among the most popular instruments in …

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Group Piano Lessons – A Good Idea?

Group instruction is a common way of teaching many instruments, such as the guitar or orchestral instruments, especially in the early stages. However, while the piano has traditionally been taught on an individual basis, group lessons are an option you might want to consider. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in learning piano in a group.
What Are Group Piano Lessons?
With group lessons, a single teacher generally instructs a number of piano students. Small classes of around six or less are often preferred, although …