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Paid vs Free Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Which Are Best?

Internet guitar lessons are popular because they provide a convenient, low cost method of learning guitar at home. When you’re just getting started, the most challenging thing is choosing which course to follow, since there’s such a wide variety of both free and paid options available. While the free guitar lessons might seem like the most obvious choice to go for, it’s best to consider the pros and cons of each before making your decision. Let’s look at some of these here.
Free Online Guitar …

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Avoid This Mistake When Teaching Yourself Guitar

While having guitar lessons with a teacher is generally regarded as the ideal way to learn, it’s not always possible, and many people choose to teach themselves guitar instead. While there are lots of excellent self-taught guitarists, there can be some pitfalls on this path, and in particular there is one mistake that should be avoided.
This is the mistake – which many people make – of not following a structured lesson plan, but instead gathering information randomly from a variety of sources.
Often …

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The Importance of a Regular Guitar Practice Schedule

Is your guitar practice routine as regular as it should be? If not, and you’re not happy with the way your guitar playing is progressing, it’s time to make a change.
It can be easy to skip a day of practice here and there, especially when the rest of your life is busy and more urgent things get in the way. And while the occasional missed day isn’t going to do much harm, the problem is that when this becomes a habit, you don’t normally …

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Learning To Play Piano Online

People learn piano for various reasons. While some want to become professional pianists, or reach a virtuoso standard, others just want to learn for fun. Reaching a very high standard will generally mean years of intense study with a teacher (or several teachers, in many cases), but if you just want to have fun with the piano, teaching yourself piano with online lessons can be a good alternative.
There’s a wide choice of piano learning material online. You can find lessons that are free, whereas …

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3 Reasons Not To Learn Guitar At Home

Want to teach yourself guitar? Are you sure? Although many successful guitarists are self-taught, there are situations where it’s not a great idea – read on and become aware of these before you take the plunge.
1. You Want To Learn Classical or Flamenco Guitar
Teaching yourself guitar can be great – you’re free to chart your own course, and there’s no need to spend time travelling to lessons or fork out huge sums for a private teacher. There are downsides however, and one of the potentially …